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Dermaplaning Supplies is a trusted Canadian supplier of Dermaplaning Blades, Tools and Supplies from industry leading brands including Swann Morton Blades and providing a complete selection of Dermaplaning Blades, Dermaplane Blades, No 10 Blades, 10R Blades (Butter Blade), 14 Blades, Dermaplaning Tool, Dermaplane Tool, Dermaplaning Scalpel, Disposable Scalpels, No 3 Blade Handle, Scalpel Handles, Surgical Scalpel, Blade Safe Blade Removal, Blade Removal Box, Sharps Containers and more for Professionals across Canada 

Canadian Wholesale Spa and Skincare Distributor for the Aesthetics Industry

Dermaplaning Supplies is one of Canada’s leading and trusted industry supplier of quality wholesale Dermaplaning, Skincare and Spa Supplies to professional aestheticians, estheticians, medical aestheticians, laser technicians, cosmetic injectors, nurse injectors, dermatologists, dermatology students, cosmetologists, cosmetology students and educators, dermaplaning educators, beauty educators, facial technicians, skin care experts, beauty students, cosmotology schools, aesthetic educators, beauty professionals at spas, salons and clinics across Canada